Our mission

Offer our customers a total support on the process of vacuum resin infusion, from the design, through the construction of the equipments, prototyping, to the production start-up, providing all the necessary training to operate autonomously.

What we offer:

  • Product & process development

From prototype to production realizing the first pieces together with the workers or, if required, with companies with proven experience and professionalism.

  • Processes customization

Depending on company’s needs. We supply all documentation you need (plybooks, bill of materials, work instructions …)

  • Re-engineering

of the processes and continuous improvement projects.

  • Drawings and 3D models

  • Consulting on RTM light and handly layup process

  • Technical expertise and process survey

Training & formation

We want to give autonomy to customers’ workers, to get maintenance of the process over time.

Cooperation with the workers is critical to optimize our solutions to customer’s needs.

Theoretical and practical sessions to address all the issues and provide a complete training course.




Our partners:

Our experiences: